Changes is the New Black – 3 Makeup Musts

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Celebrate Earth Day with Changes and KEVIN.MURPHY


Earlier this year we had our annual team forward where every department comes together as a team and talk about things that matter to us as individuals, our community, and our guests. Our special guest, Wei-Tai Kwok who is a part of Al Gore’s Climate Change Reality Project, spoke to us about climate change and what we can do to reduce our impact on the planet.


One of the ways we collectively minimize our footprint is by choosing products that give great results and are developed to be environmentally friendly.  KEVIN.MURPHY, a favorite of our team and our guests, searches the world for their ingredients, seeking companies that use micro cultivation, organic growing practices, or ecologically sound wild harvesting techniques to ensure the highest quality and lowest impact on the environment. Kevin, the man behind KEVIN.MURPHY is an official Climate Reality Project Presenter! He contributes a portion of select product sales directly to The Climate Reality Project to lessen our overall global carbon footprint.

As if that isn’t doing enough to help our planet, Kevin also said, “We make every effort to do our part to help the environment by utilizing packaging that is recyclable or biodegradable. We use natural ingredients from sources that are sustainable and renewable and are harvested utilizing methods that do not cause any harm to the environment.”

Here are a few of Team Changes favorite KEVIN.MURPHY products-


Mariela’s fave – The new Shimmer Shine – “I love it because it smells good, helps maintain frizz and it adds mega shine for dry hair, I like to spray it on dry curly hair!”YOUNG.AGAIN_

Lindsey’s fave – Young Again Oil – “I love the oil because it is a treatment oil, you can use it in wet or dry hair. It absorbs invisibly into the hair leaving it silky shiny and soft.”


Ariana’s fave – Night Rider – “I love it because it’s medium to strong hold depending on whether you apply it to wet or dry hair. It has a matte finish that my guests love and it smells really good. The best part is you can’t see it in the hair and it never flakes”



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What’s inside the #LoveEastBayMoms Swag Bag?

MomsInstagram222Changes, in collaboration with some of our fave East Bay people and places, is giving away a Mother’s Day swag bag with more than $3000 of goodies and gift cards! For a chance to win you will need to use Instagram or Facebook:
1.Follow all the participating businesses tagged in the Instagram or Facebook post.
2.Post a picture of your mom on your Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #LoveEastBayMoms and tell us why your mom deserves to win the swag bag.
3.Like this photo or any of the #LoveEastBayMoms photos from participating businesses.
The Winner will be notified via Instagram and Facebook the week after Mom’s Day.

We looked inside the $1,000+ Mother’s Day Swag Bag, and it’s beyond awesome!

The Swag Bag includes:




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Acoustic Body Balancing relaxes your bod

Acoustic Body Balancing relaxes your body, quiets your mind and inspires your soul like a musical massage.

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Would your Vale

Would your Valentine love a day at the spa? Changes Walnut Creek #massage #valentinesday #bestgiftever

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Workshop with Brian Rainie of Intuitive Methodologies

Improve your focus and clarity
Achieve more success
Get in touch with your intuition
Release old beliefs that hold you back im

Monday March 20, 2017  5:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Tickets are available at Changes  & Online Early Bird -$75 until 2/28/16 and $85 after.

Changes Salon & Day Spa welcomes Brian Rainie of Intuitive Methodologies for a workshop like no other.
About the Workshop:With over twenty years of experience, Brian’s specialty is in intuitive-based learning methods covering all forms of energy work. His focus is on the practical use of these skills, supporting a wide range of professions. Concepts are based on the core understanding of energy, without the need to mystify or complicate with unnecessary structure.

Learn the practical applications of intuition, how to manifest what you really want, how to avoid common pitfalls of energy work and release old beliefs that might be holding you back.

Brian has over 20-years of experience working with large corporations, small businesses, health care professionals and more. Whether you are an individual looking for inspiration or change, a professional looking to enhance your skills or a practicing healer, don’t miss this opportunity.

Location: Changes Salon & Day Spa  1475 N. Broadway Walnut Creek 94596
(925) 947-1814

More about Brian Rainie &  Intuitive Methodologies at

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4 Reasons why Massage is the Perfect Gift


Some people think of massage as a luxury, a pampering experience… they are not wrong but there is much more to Massage Therapy. Massage is effective for stress relief, pain alleviation and relaxation. It is beneficial for people living with conditions including fibromyalgia and arthritis. Massage is appropriate for just about anyone- healthy adults, seniors, pregnant women and athletes.*

The gift of massage is appreciated by those who are regular clients and an opportunity for those who are new to massage to experience relief they may have needed for a long time.

1. The Gift of Stress Relief
The holidays are filled with family, friends, fun, food and gifts. For some all those wonderful things can bring stress, anxiety and exhaustion. Massage Therapy calms the nervous system and provides an oasis of respite from the holiday frenzy.

2. The Gift of Pain Removal
From hanging the lights, putting up the tree and digging through boxes in the attic to find Hanukkah candles, decorating can cause strain, sprain and pain. A massage addresses pain and stiffness by increasing circulation, improving flexibility, and releasing knots and tight spots from muscles.boebspa

3. The Gift of Raised Spirits
The holidays aren’t jolly for everyone; family conflict, feelings of grief and other mood-stressors can arise, even in the midst of celebration. Massage is a mood booster. The release of the feel-good hormone, oxytocin, is increased during massage, as is the release of serotonin and dopamine.

4. The Gift of Ease
Give yourself the gift of a super-simple present purchase. You can order a print-at-home/email gift certificate here. You may also choose to order online and pick up your gift at Changes. The pick-up option allows you to take advantage of our Holiday Specials.

There are many types of Massage, learn more…
*Always check with your doctor before your massage appointment if you are pregnant or have a medical condition.

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