Curling Wand Wave How-To


We love this  messy rock-‘n’-roll beach wave look! 
This style can be done on any hair type or texture. But the best part? This is by far the easiest technique to master. The only caveat: The roots and ends should be somewhere between wavy and straight before you begin this how-to, so those with curly hair should blow-dry their hairline and tips smooth before beginning. 
 curling wand wave
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How to Get the Hottest Hairstyles of Summer


A perfectly perky top knot (like J.Lo is rocking) needs to start with a ponytail – but wait, we know you want to twist it and turn it into a bun, “That’s what you would naturally do, but you actually need to tie your hair into a knot,” says one of our resident stylist. Take the entire ponytail and wrap it around your two fingers and then loop the end through the hole you created to make an actual knot around the rubber band. Then pin the ends of the ponytail inside the knot, or wrap them around the base and pin.


Want Jennifer’s  loose waves? It’s all about the finishing spray. “After you’re done blow drying and using your curling tool, apply Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Infusion to the ends ,” our stylist advises. “I know it sounds crazy to spray something wet to dry and perfectly curled hair, but once you brush and shake the hair out it gives you that ‘model-off-duty’ texture.”


“To get this really gorgeous look it’s not really about the product – it’s about creating two ponytails,” our resident stylist dishes. It’s a three step maneuver: Section off your hair from the ear up to your crown. Clip it aside, then brush all your hair from the nape up to the crown of your head and secure that with a thick elastic band. Then connect the front hair to the ponytail and secure with a second band. “This not only gives you volume at the crown of the ponytail, but it also makes your ponytail seem longer,” she says.


We love Kate Hundsons look here! Getting this effortless, air-dried style on Kate is all about the products you apply in your hair when it’s wet and only adding a small amount of product after it air-dries,” Our stylist explains. First, she starts with Bumble and Bumble’s Thickening Full Form Mousse : “It’s not too stiff and it gives the hair exaggerated body and structure.” Once hair is dry, add Bumble and Bumble’s Dryspun Finishing spray, which is “almost like a hairspray, but there’s a touch of shine to it to give the hair some edge.” To look just like Kate, part your hair down the middle and brush your hair behind your ears when it’s still wet. This will let the mousse flatten the top of your hair without losing the waviness on the bottom. And when you want sexy waves for evening, just use a styling wand on the front pieces to freshen the look.

No matter what style your going for this summer products make all the difference, ask your stylist at your next visit what products she specially recommends for your hair!

Felicia Vierra

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Introducing Olaplex


Insurance for your hair!

Dramatically reduce breakage and make your color last longer. Ask your stylist if Olaplex is right for you.

Olaplex mirror cling FINAL

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How To: Dry Body Brushing

GregKadelHealth experts are always extolling the virtues of dry body brushing – and for good reason. It is an amazing way to exfoliate your skin and leave it glowing. Dry brushing jumpstarts your circulation which has a host of internal benefits. We chatted with one of the technique’s biggest fans, esthetician Jocelyn Petroni, to get her tips on how to get the best out of your brush.


It isn’t called dry body brushing for nothing. It’s important the skin is dry as this increases the exfoliation process. We recommend doing it after your shower so you’ve washed away any sort of surface dirt or oil or body moisturizer that may otherwise adhere to the brush. Plus, if you’ve just had a shower your skin’s going to be soft and it is more likely that the brush will stimulate the sloughing off of skin cells.


Start at your feet and work your way up. It’s important to brush in the direction of lymphatic flow, which is from the limbs to the heart. Use light, long brush strokes.


As for pressure, it should feel firm but not painful. Lymphatic drainage is stimulated by a light pressure. Your skin should not bee too too pink or red. Avoid delicate areas like the face, neck, décolletage and breasts.  Doing it once or twice a week will give great benefit.


If you’ve exfoliated a lot of skin cells off you may want to jump back in the shower for a quick rinse down, then dry off and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Apply an oil or moisturizer and it will soak in beautifully because you sloughed away the barrier of dry skin.


Because the brush is being used to slough dead skin it’s a good idea to keep it hygienic. Spray it with a mixture of water and tea tree oil after each use. If you’re using it a couple times a week you may want to replace your brush every few months.

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3 Tips to Start Your CosMedix Pump

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How to give yourself a Vinylux Manicure

Our Resident mani-queen’s top pick for perfect nails that last? Vinylux. This “weekly polish” is by CND, the creators of Shellac and gives many of the benefits of a gel mani, without the need for UV lights and long, arduous removal techniques. Here she gives us the run down on how to give yourself a flawless, last-the-distance mani. Just in time for the weekend. 1

Step 1: After removing any existing polish, file nails down to desired length and shape. (Opt for a short soft-square shape for stronger nails and longer lasting polish) follow with cuticle remover cream massaged into to the nail bed.


Step 2: Soak fingers in lukewarm water for one minute to soften cuticles. You can add a drop of peppermint or tea tree oil to the water to purify and refresh. Use a cuticle pusher or orange stick to gently push your cuticles down.


Step 3: Massage a cuticle balm  or oil into your each of your nails, let it soak in for few minutes to hydrate nails before you begin. Then wash hands with soap and water and dry well.


Step 4: Wipe the nail plate super clean with acetone nail polish remover to remove the oil, as well as natural oil from the nail plate. Using a cotton pad soaked in acetone nail polish remover actually ‘scrub’ the nail and push it right around to the cuticles and under the free edge. This is really important as it will help the polish to anchor better to your nail.


Step 5: Skip the base coat. Yep! Skip it. Vinylux contains adhesion promoters in the color coat so you can go straight to color. For the perfect pale pale pastel pink, we did a base coat of Studio White and followed with Romantique. Paint it on with long strokes, starting at the left edge of the nail and keeping a millimeter away from the cuticles so it doesn’t flood. Do another stroke on the right of the nail then finish in the middle to smooth it all over. Clean up any smudges around the cuticles.


Step 6: Apply a second layer of same color or to create a different shade like we did, layer on a second color. Once we’ve added Romantique it becomes the perfect creamy color (think OPI’s original Bubble Bath). The white base gives it a little more depth and opacity. With Vinylux always paint in thin layers and spread the polish fast.


Step 7: Apply the Vinylux Weekly Top Coat to set it. It will dry pretty quickly and apparently it actually toughens when exposed to natural light (no need for a UV light). We don’t know about that but it definitely did last longer than normal polish.

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How to do Undone Beachy Waves

Tousled beach waves are one of the season’s most in-demand hair looks. While you want them to look as if you just rolled out of the ocean, they do require a bit of nifty work. Here’s what you do…

Step 1: Blow-dry with volume1

“Smooth the natural texture out of the hair to just get a nice, clean consistency,” says our stylist. “I’ve just used a little bit of root volume spray, a mousse, for a little bit of grip into the hair and then we’re just smoothing it out. The trick to a smooth shiny blow-dry is to direct the nozzle of the hair dryer down the shaft of the hair with a big round barrel brush.”

Step 2: Create waves with an iron2

“Use either a straightening iron like I did here, twisting the hair back on itself,” says our stylist.

Take sections about 4 cm x 4cm and from the mid length wrap the hair away from the face run the iron or curling wand up and down the hair like a bungee jump this gives hair “movement” be sure over curl the ends , its OK if they are left straight.

Do this pattern around the head till all the hair is styled. We like Bumble and Bumbles Primer plus Surf Infusion that locks in the movement while protecting from heat.

Important to let the hair cool down completely this gives you a longer lasting curl/movement

Step 3: Create grit and texture with hair powder3

“Sprinkle some Bumble and Bumble Pret’ A Powder within the hair this will give you the Beach texture,” says our stylist. “Use your fingers to massage it into the roots, creating volume and ‘oomph’.

Step 4: Shake it out4

Next you want to loosen the curls. “I like to use a large tooth comb or fingers to rake out the set and break the hair up giving a relaxed finish.” Says our stylist.


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