Bumble & bumble introduces Surf Infusion!

Surf Spray, one of Bumble and Bumbles top selling products that gives salt infused sexy waves, just got its first makeover in 14 years and we love it!
The new Surf Infusion is perfect for creating Boho waves – a top trend this spring. It is more moisturizing for color treated and coarse hair than the original Surf Spray. This  helps create a smoother, softer wave. The inspiration behind Bumbles Surf Infusion comes from none other than surfers themselves. We know that many surfers apply different oils to their hair before hitting the waves so Bumble decided to perfect the combination of oil and salt, and bottle it.
surf surf1
Surf Infusion is perfect for that “just out of the ocean messy look” without feeling stiff, crunchy or sticky.
Even if you aren’t ready for full blown surfer waves you can still use Surf Infusion to give your polished blow dry the added texture you see in magazines and on the runway.  
Another thing we LOVE about the Surf Spray is that it helps protect your beautiful locks from sun damage! Surf Infusion is available now at Changes Salon & Day Spa so come by to pick it up today!
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