Client Review: Leighann L.

Mary is kind, conscious and wonderful at making me feel truly nurtured and cared for during my time at Changes. I am grateful to have found her to support my self care, self Love. Thank Yo Mary..png

Giving us a review is one of the greatest compliments we can receive! Our staff prides themselves on giving the best services possible and staying on top of industry trends.

img_0906.jpegWe truly appreciate you Leighann L. for reviewing your service with Mary, one of our excellent nail technicians!

All nail treatments include nail shaping and your choice of either buffing or a beautiful nail color. Each station is equipped with its own sterilization unit and all instruments are sanitized thoroughly before each client’s appointment.

All pedicure services are done in our unique physician-recommended chair. A relaxing, soothing blend of herbal essences leads you into tranquility.

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About Felicia Pulley

Felicia Pulley is the founder of Buzz Creator. She was announced one of the top 100 Influencers in the home staging industry by the National Trade Association RESA®. Felicia has a background in marketing and an education in film and television.
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