Shireen’s Tips On Blowdrying

With 30+ years of experience and a wide clientele, Shireen infuses her creativity and advanced technical cut and color training into manageable, beautiful styles for her clients. This week we are featuring her top 3 tips to get the best blow dry at home!

  • Always blow dry your bangs first so you can shape them the way you want them, then move into roots
  • Make sure to dry your hair 90% before you even touch a round-brush
  • Always use a primer before ANY styling products, not just heat. It can be a leave in conditioner or spray and helps create a boundary between your hair and environment or powerful product chemicals [b&b sells 3 different ones for thick, medium, and thin hair- bb hairdressers oil primer, bb tonic primer, and bb prep primer

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About Felicia Pulley

Felicia Pulley is the founder of Buzz Creator. She was announced one of the top 100 Influencers in the home staging industry by the National Trade Association RESA®. Felicia has a background in marketing and an education in film and television.
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