A Conversation With Our Lead Esthetician

A focus on healthy skincare has taken the beauty industry by storm, and with good reason. At Changes Salon and Day Spa we are grateful to have an award winning team who is always ready to master their trade and take on new technologies!

Our Lead Esthetician Lexie Choate-Bewley has taken some time to sit with us and chat about her experience, common misconceptions, and the best things you can do for your skin.

What got you into skincare?

“I had acne when I was 16 and I was not thrilled with the things that the dermatologist would recommend like Retin-A and prescriptions like that. I remember sitting in class and my face flaking off on my desk because the topical was so strong, and I just wanted to be able to figure out what was going on with my own skin and fix that. I also just wanted to help out other people that were in the same situation. So when I was 17, I went to beauty school and never looked back.”

What is your favorite part about being an esthetician?

“I’d say giving people back the confidence that they have lost through dealing with skin issues. Everyone is fighting their own thing, and being able to empower them to feel confident in their own skin is the best.”

How important do you feel products are to skincare ; And what differentiates estheticians from dermatology?

“Products are very important. So estheticians mostly focus on the health of the skin and the home-care that clients can do with their products; dermatologists are more focused on the quick fixes. Dermatologists don’t do extractions or facials, or touch base on a monthly basis… it is also hard to get in touch with a dermatologist because you need referrals from your doctor for most health care providers. I like to keep dermatologists for things like skin cancer assessments, and minor removals/surgery. I feel like there is room in the industry for both sides and both have their place, but are often confused as more similar than they are.”

What is the biggest misconception or least understood fact about skincare you see with your clients?

“Clients who have acne don’t want to moisturize. They think that drying out their skin and not replenishing will help the oil production slow down and in reality it only makes the skin produce more because it overcompensates for the missing hydration.”

What do you wish you’d known about skincare?

“Just because a company makes a product, doesn’t mean it’s for my skin type. There’s lots of products out there, even in our Cosmedix line. Each line has to have products available for all skin types, but there are only a select few for you and your skin concerns. Those are the products that an esthetician can help you find, rather than just pulling ones off the shelf or buying a product because your favorite celebrity uses it.”

Lexie is available for consultations and bookings here at Changes Salon and Day Spa in Downtown Walnut Creek. Give us a call at 1-925-947-1814 to see what your skin has to gain.

Follow Lexie on Instagram for more skincare knowledge.

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