Team Changes Is Working To Support a Healthy Planet

Today is a National Holiday we are very fond of…. IT’S EARTH DAY. Changes Salon & Day Spa loves lots of things, but our priorities of health, balance and wellness are some of our absolute favorites. While these are hugely important pieces of all of our individual lives, they translate far beyond the walls of Changes.

Environmental health has been a literal hot topic and should be!

Every day emissions, pollution, and our use of natural resources impacts the world we live in, so Team Changes looks for environmentally-friendly options that makes our earth a little happier. Here are some ways we’re all working to support a healthy planet and some simple, effective switches you can make in your own life.

Find Earth-Friendly Products

We are proud to carry a range of products who make the environment a priority, but one in particular works around the clock to do so. This company has not only developed hair products that are effective and luxurious, but are also safe for the environment, all of their packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable, and they are innovating technology to increase environmental sustainability in our industry.

Enter, Kevin Murphy. Our stylists already love the line for its creative and playful styling products, and we fell in love when we heard they only use natural ingredients from sustainable and renewable sources and all of their formulas are naturally sulphate and paraben free. To support the cause each time you style your hair, come visit us and consult with a stylist to see which products will best suit you.

Swap disposable for multi-use

A super simple change you can make in your every-day is inviting reusable into your life. Changes Boutique can help you make the switch from plastic to stainless steel straws, or plastic bags to cute lunch bags. Overall, the goals is to avoid buying plastics such as sandwich bags, and one-use straws and plastic wraps and instead purchase reusable storage or paper products. Whatever you do to keep extra from heading to landfills is a thumbs up in our eyes.

Join Together!

Whatever your efforts are, educating your friends, family and others looking to make a change can make a huge impact. Our team shared some of their tips to go green and help our planet live on. 

“I have a love for organization so I reuse my plastic containers for clips or pencil or hair tie holders in my drawers.”


“When I’m giving a present, I like to use reusable bags as gift bags. There are a bunch of cute options, and that way they not only get a gift but also get to use the bag again.”


“Energy efficient washers are great options. They can be expensive though so I opt to use cold water for my washes; it helps the load be more energy efficient and still gets clothes clean and tough stains out with an easy pre-treatment.”


“One of the best things I’ve done is bring reusable options with me when I go out. I have a fold down coffee mug that I love and use every time I go out for coffee, I think some places even give me a discount for bringing it!”


“We just stopped buying plastic water bottles- it was an adjustment at first, but now I love it! We just use filtered water instead, and now I get to use all my cute cups and mugs I shoved in the back of my cabinets.”


“I try and bring my lunch to work and have realized it’s a way better option to leave metal silverware at work than bringing a new plastic set every day.”


“It may be simple, but a designated recycling can in our house works for us. Not only does it keep everything a little cleaner, but it helps teach my kids a little bit about how to recycle and why its important.”


“I try and shop for all of my produce at farmer’s markets so I’m not only supporting local farmers but also avoiding single-use plastic or Styrofoam that are often in stores.”


We’d love to hear what you, your family or your friends do every day or on behalf of Earth Day. Share your tips or thoughts with us in the comments, or on Instagram and Facebook @changeswc . Happy Earth Day!

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